WaterBike sport and tourism after the coronavirus

The WaterBike can be an absolute novelty to revive tourism and play sports where the pandemic has hit hard.

When the quarantine ends, we will have to think that the return to "normal" life will be a gradual path: for some time there will be specific rules and an obligation to respect the distances between people; in all probability it will be discouraged to practice group sports, due to accidental contacts among individuals or to avoid the risk of harming yourself and having to be brought for medical treatment in structures that are still overworked.

Here, in this context, the WaterBike is presented as a safe sporting and tourist vehicle as it can be used in open spaces (seas, lakes, rivers, canals ...) wherever there is a body of navigable water , throughout freedom and, if you wish, in total isolation.

Its floating system, then, based on two inflatable hulls (similar in shape to a catamaran) make it extraordinarily stable and practically unsinkable, a safe means of practicing sports without risks, far from the dangers of our increasingly congested roads.

The assembly of the WaterBike does not require third parties, its simplicity allows everyone to do it alone (thus respecting the distances between people): however, going out with WaterBike for a run can also be done in a group, as the lateral distance between a cyclist and the other, even when traveling in pairs, is no less than 140 centimeters, while in line the minimum distance is 380 centimeters, thus allowing you to run in total safety even staying in conversation with the others.

Riding outdoors, being able to breathe air that is certainly cleaner than what we find on our roads, enjoying the surrounding landscape regardless of the direction and without the risk of stambling, falling or worse being run over, running with your lungs dilated under maximum effort, competing between friends, all in maximum safety, makes this sport a fantastic alternative.

With this letter I hope to promote and make this beautiful sport known, wishing everyone a new beginning that brings well-being and prosperity.

WaterBike Italy.

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