Design and manufacturing

Water Bike Italia: design and manufacturing of water bikes

Running on the water? With our water bikes it’s easy and fun

Discover a new way to surf the waves and ride in the water. Water Bike Italia is the leading company in the design and construction of water bikes, innovative and fun bicycles designed to run on lakes and streams. The bikes, equipped with two floats and a propeller, are easy to maneuver and use.

For years now, our company has been designing and manufacturing water bikes with unparalleled high-quality components. Every model is conceived and manufactured with professionalism and enthusiasm. Floating bike stand out in our production: the Desfros, in-house assembled by skilled personnel. Thanks to its light structure, Desfros allow anyone to achieve high performance and speed with reduced efforts.

Each bike boat is carefully tested before sale and rental to offer a proven and safe product for your customers to have fun without any risk. The use of water bikes does not require particular expertise and is suitable for everyone. Riding and pedaling have never been so much fun!

Desfros: futuristic water bike

Desfros is the jewel in the crown of our 100% made in Italy production: a very high-performance boat bike that reaches a speed of 17 km/h. Safe and easy to drive, the Desfros model is ideal for recreational or competitive activities. Its indestructible AISI 316 stainless steel frame is designed and built by Italian companies specialized in laser cutting and digital technology metal processing.

Assembly and disassembly of the water bikes are quick and intuitive thanks to the kit supplied. All the operations that precede and follow the water riding require only 6 minutes: a major advantage for water sports facilities that rent equipment. The Water Bikes offer the chance to enjoy the sea, lake, and other local beauties combining sport and fun.

Water bike for rental and purchase

Water Bike Italia designs and manufactures the best water bikes available on the market. If you are the manager of a water facility and want to offer tourists and bathers a stimulating, safe, and innovative entertainment, come and try the Water Bikes in Laglio, in the province of Como. Rental and purchase of water bikes require a VAT number.

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