Bike Boat Rental

Stable as a catamaran, fast and funny as a bike

The bike boat is very similar to a normal bike, but it is mounted on two floats and has a propeller for propulsion, instead of wheels. Easy to use, to disassemble and reassemble on site, the bike boat can be rented by dealers or professionals (tradesmen, salespersons and restaurateurs at lake, river, seaside resorts…) who want to innovate their offer to the public with pleasant, healthy and fun activities, suitable for anyone who is able to ride a bike.

Bike boat for rent for professionals and dealers

If you always enjoy experiencing new activities, if water is your element and you want to enjoy it from another perspective, if your passion is cycling and you would never give up it, the bike boat is the novelty you have been waiting for. This agile, lightweight and versatile device has been in use for some time, especially between the United States and Australia, but it is becoming popular in Italy as well. In addition, the latest models have significantly improved the operating mechanism, hydrodynamic surface and propulsion, resulting in an increase in average speed.

The Floating Bike can reach up to 10-12 km/h speed with little effort, thanks to the propulsion and propeller operating system and the hydrodynamic surface fairing, while the catamaran shape ensures maximum stability and safety during water travel. This makes it safe and easy for anyone to ride it, from children to parents and even grandparents: anyone who knows how to ride a bike can rent a bike boat without fear.

Bike boat rental

The Bikeboat is a real lightweight bicycle (boat and accessories weigh 19 kg in total) mounted on floats, which uses a compact and efficient propulsion system for riding. Water stability is guaranteed by the catamaran shape, while the strength of the frame, floats and components comes from the quality of the materials: reinforced PVC floats are designed to offer resistance to abrasion and use in extreme conditions, while the inner layer is polyester to offer stability and robustness.

For Bike Boat rental, you can contact WaterBike Italia: the company in Laglio, on Lake Como, was conceived to be a reference point for rental and sale of bikeboats in Italy. We turn to traiders and professional tradesmen who want to propose new and fun activities on water, such as the innovative DESFROS, suitable for the whole family and perfect for those who want to dedicate themselves to a competitive or leisure activity.

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