Bike running on water, easy to ride and safe.

A new way of doing water sports: Water bike

A new way of having fun and conceiving of water sports: the water bike (also known as floating boat or bikeboat) is a real high performance lightweight bicycle that, mounted on two special floats, allows you to cycle on water.

Waterbikes are supplied with a special kit that allows its assembly/disassembly in less than six minutes, safely and easily. Being easily disassembled and assembled on site, this innovative bike to surf on water can be transported without causing excessive clutter in the boot of the car. Rent or buy your waterbike from WaterBike Italia based in Laglio, on Lake Como.

Cross lakes and watercourses by bike

Cross lakes and watercourses by bike

Outdoor water sports are an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature while having fun and taking care of your body. In recent years, we have witnessed the proliferation of many sports that have been combined with activities such as surfing, boat racing and water skiing, already practiced for some time. In addition to kitesurfing and wakeboarding, dragonboats, canoe polo and bikesurfing are becoming increasingly popular. The cycling activity using the water bike owes its success to the fact that it is easy, fun, not very demanding and suitable for everyone.

No special skills are required to assemble or use the Bikeboat. The compact and efficient propulsion system allows you to reach high speed (7.5 knots) with minimum effort. On average, the speed reached by a beginner is between 7 and 10 km/h (even if a trained sportsman or a professional can reach 9-12 km/h): to understand how much you can run on water by the waterbike, think that a pedal boat goes at the maximum of 2-3 km/h. Pedaling is highly safe thanks to the catamaran trim and the meticulous instructions supplied by Waterbike Italia.

Sale and rental of water bike

Sale and rental of water bike

The water bike can be rented by private individuals, groups or managers of charter activities at the sea, lake and other water places suitable for bikesurfing activities from Waterbike Italia, based in Laglio, on Lake Como.

Shops can customize the crafts with the signs of the shop and double the benefit. Theoretically, there are no age limits to have fun with the floating boat: anyone who is able to cycle on a normal bike can safely cycle on water. For this reason, the waterbike rental is available for families by rental points: children aged eight and over who know how to cycle can experience the thrill of crossing nature and experiencing water in a new way. See safety recommendations for proper and reliable use of the waterbike.