Sale of Floating Boat

Surfing on a bike or cycling on water?

The floating boat, floating bike, water bike or bike boat is in all respects similar to a normal bike, except that it is equipped with floats and propeller for propulsion, instead of wheels. Easy to use, to disassemble and reassemble on site, the floating boat is offered for sale throughout Italy by Water Bike Italia: the company of Laglio, on Lake Como, was created to be a reference point for renting and selling bike boats throughout Italy.

The waterbikes are delivered with a clear, complete and exhaustive instruction manual, which also gives you thorough instructions for safe use of the floating bike.

Choose a safe and funny means of transport that respects nature

Often, bike enthusiasts are also great lovers of nature: this environmentally friendly, cheap, funny and relatively fast means of transport allows you to travel through breathtaking views without polluting and making noise, merging with the surrounding environment. The floating boat also applies the bike principle to water, replacing the two wheels with two inflatable/rigid floats with special pumps and a rear propulsion propeller: it can reach a speed between 5-7 and 10-12 km/h when inflated and 10-15 km/h when rigid, compared to 2 km/h reached at most by the classic pedal boat.

The floating boat can be used by anyone who is able to cycle (it is not recommended to children under 8 years) following the manufacturer’s instructions. In particular, it is recommended not to use it in water less than 70 cm deep, withdrawing the propulsion system to avoid contact with the ground. The catamaran shape ensures maximum stability and safety when moving on water, but remember not to venture alone in the sea, rivers or lakes: when you use your floating bike, always foresee the presence of a boat or an inflatable rubber dinghy, avoiding to venture into areas dedicated to surfing, overestimating your skills or underestimating the power of nature.

Sale of floating bike

If you are looking for a fun, safe and beneficial activity for the whole family, buying a floating boat is a great investment for your spare time. It is equipped with chassis, pedals and handles, mounting plates for the propulsion system, set of handlebars (handlebars + steering pipe), saddle, rudder pipe, steering pipe, inflatable hulls, connecting bars, bolts and small components for assembly. The bikeboat is light and easy to carry (even in a normal roof rack).

Contact us for floating bike boat sale, or rent it to discover personally the characteristics and performance of the bike-catamaran. Water Bike Italia: the company based in Laglio, on Lake Como, is the reference point for the rental and sale of DESFROS in Italy. We are available for traiders and professional operators, and we are at your disposal for any information or clarification regarding floating bike rental or sale.

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