Sale of Bike Boat

The ultimate means to reconcile cycling with water sports

If you are a sportsman, lover of water, nature and outdoor activities, you will surely have heard of a novelty that is conquering so many cycling and water sports enthusiasts: the bikeboat is the most innovative way to move on water in a fun, safe, easy and fast way.

Its use does not require specific skills, and the possibility of disassembling and assembling it on site allows it to be carried in a normal boot. If you would like to purchase a bikeboat, please contact WaterBikeltalia, based in Laglio, on Lake Como.

Purchase your bikeboat supplied with backpack and repair kit

The bikeboat is supplied disassembled with a very exhaustive and complete instruction manual: the assembly must be carried out with caution according to the instructions but it is easy. The bikeboat is sold and shipped throughout Italy: the package includes chassis, pedals and handles, mounting plates for the propulsion system, set of handlebars (handlebars + steering pipe), saddle, rudder pipe, steering pipe, inflatable hulls, connecting bars, bolts and small components for assembly.

The accessories of the waterbike include also a special nylon backpack with 180° opening and padded shoulder straps, double action hand pump ball (pump up/deflate) and repair kit for complete vehicle safety. For safe use of the bike boat, always refer to the safety instructions in the manual. The bikeboat is not suitable for children under 8 and should not be used in water less than 70 cm deep, in order not to risk that the propeller turns stranded in the ground.

Sale of bikeboat

Water Bike Italia is a company based in Laglio, in one of the most picturesque views of Lake Como, conceived to exploit the skills and passion for materials and their performance.

From the idea of mounting a frame on floats, more than ten years ago, different models of waterbike or catamaran-bike models have been experimented, especially between the United States and Australia. In recent times, we are appreciating this agile, light and versatile device. The most innovative models allow you to reach a speed of up to 10-12 km/h with little effort.

The bikeboat can be used by anyone who is able to cycle (children +8 years and always under the supervision of an adult), following the manufacturer’s instructions. In particular, remember to avoid using it in water less than 70 cm deep. For any doubts or information, please contact us: we are available for bikeboat sale and for rent throughout Italy so you can personally see the characteristics and performance of the bikeboat.

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