Floating Bike Rental

A new way of moving on water

The idea of a bike that can go on water came from the ability to think outside the box of some sportsmen who are passionate about two wheels and eager to move in an environmentally-friendly and inexpensive way, away from polluted, dangerous and congested roads.

Traveling by bike is a pleasant and beneficial activity for the body; sooner or later, someone had to think of mounting a frame on floats: the floating bike represents an evolution of the original idea of waterbike, lighter and more practical to transport, and today it can be rented to enjoy cycling on water in full safety and comfort.

Floating bike rental

Renting a floating bike allows you to experience a completely new way of fun, eco-friendly and cost-effective moving: it is similar to a normal bike but, instead of having two wheels, the waterbike is mounted on two floats and equipped with a propeller for propulsion that allows you to push the vehicle on water. Its name clearly explains its characteristics.

The bikeboat is supplied with chassis, handles and pedals, propulsion system mounting plates, handlebars (handlebars + steering pipe), saddle, rudder pipe, steering pipe, inflatable hulls, connecting rods, bolts and small components for assembly. Accessories include a special nylon backpack with 180° opening and padded shoulder straps, double action hand pump and repair kits.

Floating bike rental

The Bikeboat is a real lightweight bicycle (boat and accessories weigh a total of 19 kg) mounted on floats, which uses a compact and efficient propulsion system for riding. Stability on water is guaranteed by the catamaran shape, while the strength of the frame, floats and components comes from the quality of the materials: reinforced PVC floats are designed to offer resistance to abrasion and use in extreme conditions, while the inner layer is polyester to offer stability and robustness.

For a safe use of the water bike, it is always recommended not to go alone, guaranteeing a safe rescue system: you should not overestimate your own abilities or underestimate the force of nature and even those who can swim well should always use a life jacket, keeping away from places more suitable for surfing or characterized by dangerous currents. For Bike Boat rental, you can contact WaterBike Italia: the company based in Laglio, on Lake Como, was created to be a reference point for floating boat rental and sale in Italy.

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