Water Bike Rental

A bike to ride on water

Are you looking for a fun, safe and positive activity for the whole family? Renting a water bike allows you to live in the open air enjoying the lake in a completely new and pleasant way.
It is a bicycle mounted on two floats rather than on wheels, equipped with a propulsion thrust rear propeller. Extremely practical to be transported, the bike boat can be contained in a normal roof rack and assembled on site in a simple and intuitive way: try the thrill of riding on water by moving quickly and in a fun way renting a water bike.

Waterbike for rent for professional with VAT and dealers

An environmentally friendly, cheap, fun and relatively fast means of transport, in recent years the bike has won the favour of an increasing number of sportsmen, amateurs and enthusiasts.
Travelling without polluting and without the need for fuel or batteries over long distances is increasingly a priority and from today, thanks to the water bike, available for rent in the most equipped beaches and suitable for people of all ages, is easy and pleasant.

The absolute simplicity of operation and use makes the water bike a choice of great satisfaction for the whole family: anyone who knows how to cycle on a normal bike can move easily with the floating bike (or floating boat).
The catamaran shape ensures maximum stability and safety during water travel, which can reach between 7 and 10-12 km/h of speed depending on the experience and athletic preparation of the user.

Water bike rental

Clean, manoeuvrable, light and easy to use, the water bike uses an efficient and compact operating system based on the propulsion system, thanks to which it is possible to reach high speed with little effort. The special hydrodynamic surface provided by the fairing makes it possible to increase the speed by 30% compared to previous models of floating bicycles.

The catamaran shape offers optimal stability, allowing safe use on the sea, in lagoons, rivers and all water areas with a depth of at least 70 cm. Contact us to find out where you can rent bike boats on site, or come to rent them from us and take them easily to your destination: we remind you that special rates are in force for dealers and traders, also based on the duration of the water bike rental.

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