Sale Water Bike

Catamaran bike, floating bike, bike boat, water bike: Have fun on water!

Are you looking for a specialist retailer of the latest news in water sports? If you’re looking for water bikes for sale, you can contact Water Bike Italy, based in Laglio on Lake Como.

Water bikes are sold and delivered throughout Italy, accompanied by a clear and exhaustive instruction manual, which allows you to carry out the assembly in all simplicity and safety. For a safe use of the floating bike, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Enjoy nature by riding on water

The water bike is the ideal means to enjoy nature in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way, planning fun and practical water excursions, even with the whole family. Supplied disassembled, the bike boat is practical to be carried; never handle the frame or bicycle mounted touching the propulsion system: it is recommended to lift it by taking it from other parts of the main frame or from the connecting bars. The water bike’s propulsion system must be handled with caution, ensuring that it is free of tension during transport.

The entrance into the water must be done by pushing the bicycle on floats, before getting on when the depth of the bottom reaches at least 70 cm, that is, just above the knee. Please, also remember not to cycle below this depth, retracting the propulsion system to avoid contact with hard parts. For maximum safety in use, it is also important not to venture alone in the sea, lake or rivers, always considering to bring a safety boat with you, avoiding areas for certain activities such as surfing and not overestimating your capabilities or underestimating the force of nature.

Sale of water bikes

The water bike or Bike Boat helps you enjoy nature and water sports in an innovative and stimulating way: similar to a normal bike, but installed on two floats instead than wheels, and with a reliable and safe catamaran shape. It is delivered disassembled with a detailed instruction manual that allows you to carry out the assembly with simplicity and speed.

It is equipped with chassis, pedals and handles, mounting plates for the propulsion system, set of handlebars (handlebars + steering pipe), saddle, rudder pipe, steering pipe, inflatable hulls, connecting bars, bolts and small components for assembly. The accessories of the waterbike include also a special nylon backpack with 180° opening and padded shoulder straps, double action hand pump ball (pump up/deflate) and repair kit for complete vehicle safety.

For safe use of the water bike, always observe the safety instructions in the manual. The bike boat is not suitable for children under 8 years and should not be used in depths below 70 cm. For any doubt, detailed information (also on the costs of the water bike) or to verify personally the features and performance of the water bike, contact us: Water Bike Italia in Laglio, on Lake Como, is the reference point in Italy for rent and sale of DESFROS throughout Italy.