Bike running on water, easy to ride and safe.

Have fun on water from a new perspective with the 2018 news

With the Floating Bike, you can exercise on water having fun and enjoying a view only a boat, motorboat or rubber dinghy can boast. Try the thrill of riding on water with a safe, light and easy-to-use device, suitable for people of all ages (children aged 8 and over) and in all rivers, lakes and sea at least 70 cm deep. The water bike is in all respects similar to a normal bike, with the difference that it is mounted on two floats and equipped with a propeller for propulsion, instead of wheels.

Floating bike: easy to transport, assemble and use

Floating bike: easy to transport, assemble and use

The floating boat, floating bike, waterbike or bike boat is the funniest and most innovative way to move on water completely immersed in nature and in the lake, sea or river. Also suitable for artificial water basins (only if the depth is at least 70 cm to allow floating), this bike on floats allows you to reach up to 10-12 km/h of speed with little effort enjoying the thrill of a new emotion.

Its catamaran shape offers great stability, allowing safe use on the sea, in lagoons and rivers. The movement is carried out by propeller propulsion, while the direction can be changed by means of an articulated rudder. The bikeboat is supplied with chassis, handles and pedals, propulsion system mounting plates, handlebars (handlebars + steering pipe), saddle, rudder pipe, steering pipe, inflatable hulls, connecting rods, bolts and small components for assembly. Accessories include a special nylon backpack with 180° opening and padded shoulder straps, double action hand pump and repair kits.

Floating bike sale and rental

Floating bike sale and rental

Supplied with kit and assembly instructions, the floating bike is light and easy to transport in order to have a means of transport on water once you have reached the lake, river, sea or lagoon. Water Bike Italia is waiting for you at its headquarters in Laglio, on Lake Como, specially established to rent and sell Water bike. Contact us to find out where you can rent a bike boat on site or throughout Italy, and take it with you to your destination: the floating boat can be disassembled and assembled with maximum speed and simplicity. You can choose to purchase or rent a floating bike, taking into account that special rates are in force for dealers who want to offer tourists and bathers exciting activities to entertain, have fun and do water sports.

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